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          Academic Achievement Center

          Academic Achievement Center
          101 Holton Hall
          1101 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506


          Tutoring Services

          Holtz Hall
          1005 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506


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          Academic Success Tools

          Welcome to the Academic Achievement Center tool library! Please use any of the tools based on your academic need. Each Academic Success Tool has directions for use, or if you are needing support, request an Academic Coach to discover how you can implement a new Academic Success Tool.  

          You can also check out our Academic Achievement Center youtube channel for videos about how to use Academic Success Tools, get connected to resources, and more! Videos will continue to be added.


          General Academic Success Tools


          Time Management Academic Success Tools


          Skill Based Academic Success Tools


          Motivation Academic Success Tools


          Finals Prep Academic Success Tools


          Not sure where to start? No worries, we are here to help. Use the button below to find the Academic Success Tool that is best based on your needs. 

          Find an Academic Success Tool