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          Academic Achievement Center

          Academic Achievement Center
          101 Holton Hall
          1101 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506


          Tutoring Services

          Holtz Hall
          1005 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506


          Follow us @kstateAAC

          Request a Coach

          Students may request an academic coach at any point in their academic career from your first year through graduate school. Once you submit the request form, you will be contacted by an Academic Coach who will work with you to set-up your initial meeting.

          Request an Academic Coach




          Academic Coaching Learning Lab 

          Are you ready to start using a new tool to help you reach your goals? The Academic Coaching Learning Lab is now open as an additional option for students focused on refining their academic skills. You can drop by the Learning Lab anytime during the open hours; no appointment is necessary. Come ready to learn new strategies and use them on your path to graduation! 

          The Learning Lab is located around campus, and the drop-in hours/locations are:

          Monday9:00am-noonHolton Hall 101 or Via Zoom
          Thursday2:00 - 4:00pmHolton Hall 101 or Via Zoom


          Recommend a Student

          Faculty and staff may recommend a student to Academic Coaching that they believe could benefit from this resource. Once a recommendation has been submitted, an Academic Coach will reach out to the student, explain the program, and set up an initial meeting.

          Recommend a Student