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          1. K-State home
          2. ?Office of Student Success
          3. ?Academic Achievement Center
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          Academic Achievement Center

          Academic Achievement Center
          101 Holton Hall
          1101 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506


          Tutoring Services

          Holtz Hall
          1005 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506


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          Drop-In Tutoring

          Drop-in IconDrop-in tutoring is a free, on-demand tutoring service to help you in our most popular courses. With drop-in, there is no need to schedule in advance, and sessions are hosted in different locations across campusYou’re welcome to come in with a lot of questions or only one. An average drop-in session is around 45-minutes, but you’re welcome to leave early or stay longer—it’s really about what you need. 


           College of Business (ECON, FINAN, STAT)

          Drop-in in the College of Business is postponed until mid-September. 

           Kramer Dining Center (MATH, BIOL, CHM) 


           Holtz Hall (MATH, BIOL, CHM, PHYS) 


           Accounting Success Academy (ACCTG)

          The goal of ASA is to provide students with coaching resources to help them better understand and apply accounting topics and master certain accounting skills. To learn more, visit the ASA website.


           Economic Tutoring (ECON)

          Tutoring through the Department of Economics. To learn more, visit the Department of Economics website.


           Scholars Assisting Scholars (CHM, ECON, MATH, PHYS)

          SAS Tutoring is a drop-in service for specific courses inside the College of Engineering. To learn more, visit the SAS website.


           Undergraduate Help Lab (STAT)

          The Department of Statistics operates a Help Lab in which undergraduate students can get help with their homework. To learn more, visit the Department of Statistics website. 

           Writing Center (ENGL, Writing)

          The Writing Center welcomes active discussions with K-State student writers from all disciplines and experience levels across the campus community. To learn more, visit the Writing Center website. 



          Tutoring Services start the second week of courses, ends the last Friday of courses, and is closed during all university holidays and breaks. 

          If you have any questions, please reach out to us by visiting us in Holtz Hall, emailing us at achievement@ksu.edu, or calling us at 785-532-5703. 


          Can't find the course you're looking for? Check if we cover it through      appointment tutoring.
          If you’re new to AAC Tutoring, check out What to Expect to help you prepare for your tutoring session.