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          Counseling Services

          Self-Help Resources

          The staff at Counseling Services recognizes that students have many demands placed upon them. We offer a variety of online programs and resources in order to provide services that fit into your schedule. Our online offerings include:

          • Online Programs – We offer programs on specific topics that are available to K-State students through K-State Online. These programs are free of charge. Click on the links below for more information about our current programs:
          • College Learning Effectiveness Inventory (CLEI)  --An inventory designed to measure individual attitudes, behaviors, and dispositions related academic activity.
          • You can view our Kat Chats online as they are happening through Zoom or view our previously recorded Kat Chats.
          • Helpful Resources from Counseling Services – Find information on a variety of topics including alcohol, eating concerns, career/academic issues, relationships, and stress.

          In addition to those sites listed above the following resource list provides a variety of self-help resources.  Even though we've developed this list carefully, you may find ideas with which you disagree.  Here are some recommendations on how to use this list:

          • Don't accept an idea just because it comes from a reputable source.  If the suggestions made by the site don't fit your life, be cautious.  You may want to think about the situation awhile longer before implementing something you read.
          • Talk about anything that puzzles you with a trusted psychologist or therapist.
          • If you decide to try a new approach to a problem, try it for a limited time.  If you like the results, continue.  If not, maybe the suggestion isn't for you.

          Locating the right website can be a daunting task!  Search engines can produce thousands of hits for you.  But which sites are reliable?  To help sift through the possibilities, our staff has evaluated a number of sites.  We've tried to narrow the list down to just a few sites on each topic.

          Can a website be useful?  At times, yes.  You can gather information, resources, ideas, book suggestions, and much more.  Some sites, for example, describe various mental health patterns, and give diagnostic and treatment information.

          Most of the sites are sponsored by one of the following:

          • Major universities
          • Governmental organizations that specialize in mental health
          • Non-profit foundations devoted to certain problems
          • Sites created by mental health professionals

          KS:  Community Mental Health Centers and other Resources--A list of Community Mental Health Centers in Kansas.

          List of organizations that specialize in mental health issues--This section lists professional associations of mental health professionals.  The websites contain much helpful information, and some have fact sheets or other resources of information.

          Mental Health libraries, containing articles on many topics--These sites offer information on a wide variety of mental health topics.  Most contain separate fact sheets on disorders, or present more in depth articles on mental health topics.

          Alphabetical list of mental health topics--Self-help materials provided by various organizations and helpful links. Though we think the links provided may be helpful to you, we do not endorse or promote those sites, the groups who have offered the information on the Internet, or the advertisements or offers made on those sites promoting services.

          To learn more information or to access these services, use the links that are located on the left of this page.