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          Diversity and Inclusion

          A legacy of acces, opportunity and success. Diversity and Inclusion at Kansas State University.

          A Legacy of Access, Opportunity and Success

          Kansas State University has long maintained a demonstrable commitment to diversity and inclusion.
          Since 1863, as the nation’s first operational land-grant university, K-State has heralded “full educational privileges” with open enrollment to all students regardless of gender, race or creed. From the very beginning, our commitment to access, opportunity and success has remained unchanged.

          Principles of Community

          Principles of Community

          Our collective mission is best accomplished when every member of the university community acknowledges and practices the following principles.

          CDIO Dr. Bryan Samuel

          From the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

          Bryan Samuel shares ongoing diversity and inclusion progress with the university community. Learn more about the news and events that can help the K-State family uphold the value of human diversity and inclusion.


          Committed to diversity

          The Department of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs offers programming, intercultural learning and extracurricular activities to students from all walks of life. We're dedicated to building an inclusive campus climate encouraging understanding, self awareness, compassion and more. Through leadership and communication, we can make positive changes at K-State and in the world around us.

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