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          1. K-State home
          2. ?Faculty and Staff

          Faculty and Staff

          Academic resources

          Academic calendar

          K-State's academic events


          A virtual guide to facilitate the advising process


          Assesses efforts to provide educational programs and degrees, including accreditation information

          Course schedules

          Online course listings, links to university general education requirements, distance education, and more

          General education: K-State 8 for faculty

          Assessment, course lists, course tagging, and more

          Intellectual Property

          Policies and associated institutional procedures

          Professional Enrichment

          Announces fellowships, lectures, and workshops for professional development

          Tools for Teaching

          KSIS — K-State's Student Information System

          For students to enroll, get grades, order athletic tickets, and more

          Teaching and learning

          A resource tool for faculty, administrators, and students at K-State

          K-State Online

          A set of tools for delivering web-based instruction for traditional and distance education

          K-State Today
          Daily news and announcements

          Policies and procedures

          For University Support Staff

          University Support Staff Senate
          Membership, meetings, subcommittees, and more

          For Unclassified Staff

          Faculty Senate
          Membership, schedules, policies, and reports

          University Handbook
          Provides a description of K-State, its nature, and the role of K-Staters in the university community's activities.

          Department Head's Manual

          Employee resources

          Employee Self Service
          (eID and password required)

          Employment opportunities

          Division of Human Capital Services

          Office of Institutional Equity