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          Office of First-generation Students

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          Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

          See Coronavirus Disease 2019 Updates for more information.


          Welcome back, Wildcats! Your health and well-being are important to us. The staff of the Office of First-generation Students will be available at our new location in Holtz Hall and as well as remotely beginning August 17th. We are available via email at rpaz@ksu.edu or firstgen@ksu.edu. Please let us know how we can support you!
          Please take these steps to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19: http://www.fqqtt.com/covid-19/communications/every-wildcat-a-wellcat/checklist.html

          Remember to check k-state.edu/COVID-19 for updates and answers to frequently asked questions.

          The Front Line of Success

          The Office of First-generation Students supports students who are first in their families to graduate from a four-year college by connecting them to campus resources, coordinating efforts across the university to serve them and fostering a first-generation community.


          Join us the first Friday of the month for First-gen Fri-yay! Check out the Lounge and Fri-yay's tab, under About, for details! 

          Friyay fall 2020


          Financial Aid:

          • FAFSA information: Follow this link to go to K-State's Office of Student Financial Assistance webpage. There you will find videos from the Federal Student Aid YouTube page that cover how to fill out the FAFSA to what to do next. Check out all the important information about the FAFSA on this webpage.
          • Scholarship and financial aid process: Follow this link to see a step-by-step guide on how to obtain aid, and keep the important dates in mind



          Instructions to fill out the FAFSA in Spanish, instrucciones para llenar el formulario de FAFSA en espa?ol: