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          K-State in Kansas City

          KC Scholars

          Kansas State University is proud to serve as a partner institution for the Kauffman Foundation KC Scholars program. As the nation's first operational land-grant university, K-State has always been dedicated to ensuring the availability of postsecondary education for all. Together with KC Scholars, we continue to carry out our mission and play our part in improving educational attainment and workforce development in greater Kansas City.

          KC Scholars provides scholarships and support services to help you as you earn your degree. With more than 250 academic programs and options, as well as multiple campuses/delivery options to choose from, Kansas State University has you covered as you choose your academic major and earn your degree.

          Manhattan Campus Students

          Manhattan campus

          Students interested in the Manhattan campus should visit our admissions website to find more information about our academic programs and scholarships.

          K-State Online Student

          K-State Online

          Adult learners may want to explore the online offerings of K-State Online, which offers a number of .

          Polytechnic Campus Student

          Polytechnic campus

          Kansas State Polytechnic offers a unique educational experience. Our Polytechnic campus is home to our College of Technology and Aviation and is located in Salina, Kansas.

          Discover K-State in KC