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          Student Guide to Help and Resources: One Stop Shop

          Living options

          Kansas State University is your home away from home, and the university has plenty of living options on campus and off campus. 

          On-campus living 

          Manhattan Campus: Housing and Dining Services

          Find your fit in one of our 10 residence halls, an honors house, a scholarship house or our on-campus apartments.

          Polytechnic Campus: Housing and Dining Services

          Explore the residence hall options available at our Polytechnic Campus.

          Off-campus living

          Off-campus apartments and housing
          • If you are having an issue with your off-campus living situation, Off-Campus Housing Support is here to help.
          • The office provides information on landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities as well as support and guidance to help resolve consumer complaints.
          Fraternities and sororities
          • Fraternities and sororities surround the Manhattan campus, and all chapter houses are within walking distance.
          • Most chapters provide room and board and study facilities, along with leadership, social and intramural activities.
          Scholarship houses
          • Off-campus scholarship houses offer academic and leadership opportunities in a small-group living atmosphere just like the on-campus scholarship house options.
          • Manhattan features Alpha of Clovia for women and Smith for men as off-campus options.