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          Virtual Connections and Engagement

          Virtual One Stop
          Principles of Community

          Vice President for Student Life
          Kansas State University
          122 Anderson Hall
          Manhattan, KS 66506-0102


          It’s your time to thrive.

          Whether you’re a seasoned online learner or adapting to learning from home, you’ll find all the tools you need to stay engaged with the K-State community and find success in the virtual classroom.

          Check this page for updates, academic and campus life resources, and tips for staying connected to your fellow students, as well as K-State faculty and staff.

          Please watch K-State Today and the K-State COVID-19 webpage for updates on this fluid situation. In addition, read the COVID-19 list of frequently asked questions and specific guidance for students.


          successful learning

          Ace your academics

          Find support for everything you need to ensure success as a student and beyond.

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          Students on the K-State campus

          Get connected

          Make meaningful connections with the K-State campus community.

          Connect today
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          Student life

          Don't let physical distance prevent you from accessing K-State support services.

          Get support
          Financial support

          Paying for college

          Explore your options for financial assistance and support.

          Help is available
          Technology support

          Tech support

          Get all of your questions about connecting remotely and technical support answered here.

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