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          Office of the Vice President for Research
          120 Fairchild Hall
          1601 Vattier St.


          Faculty Resources

          Our expert faculty members are our university's greatest resource, and we take pride in ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed. Items you'll find on this site include:

          Be sure to read our Research Weekly newsletter to find funding opportunities, announcements and events, and other resources and trending topics relevant to research, scholarly, and creative activity and discovery across campus. The newsletter is delivered directly to your in-box on Wednesdays and is available through K-State Today on Thursdays.    

          The topic areas below will help guide you in the proposal development and submission process. 


          Find Funding

          Find Funding

          Start the process of funding your research by investigating our curated list of external funding opportunities, exploring internal grant opportunities, and more.

          Establish a Collaboration

          Establish a Collaboration

          Looking for potential K-State or industry collaborators? Start here.

          Prepare a Proposal

          Prepare a Proposal

          View important proposal preparation information such as frequently used numbers, improve your proposal with grant writing tips specific to your field or agency, and find information on broader impacts, data management plans, evaluation, and more.

          Submit a Proposal

          Submit a Proposal

          View proposal routing procedures and find links to electronic submission sites.

          Awards and Agreements

          Manage Awards

          Find what to do after you're funded, compliance information, and agreement modification templates. 

          Manage Intellectual Property or Submit an Invention

          Manage Intellectual Property or
          Submit an Invention

          Have you discovered something that might be patentable? Find help understanding intellectual property policies and patent information here.