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          Seek Fall 2019

          Minding the mind

          How scientists study our changing brains

          Seek more

          Priorities for preparation

          Priorities for preparation

          Training the next generation to fight animal, plant pathogens

          Automation in the field

          Automation in the field

          Robots, drones are becoming agriculture's modern-day workhorses

          Piece by piece

          Piece by piece, drop by drop

          A range of perspectives helps rural Kansas communities address water shortages

          The being behind the buzz

          UN organization brings global livestock conference to K-State
          Industrial hemp

          Explain it

          Expert explains what industrial hemp is and why K-State is studying it

          Jeremy Marshall

          The being behind the buzz

          Insect Fusion multimedia project engages students in research

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          Office of the Vice President for Research 
          Kansas State University
          102 Anderson Hall
          919 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506-0121


          Division of Communications and Marketing
          Kansas State University
          128 Dole Hall
          1525 Mid-Campus Dr. North
          Manhattan, KS 66506